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                      Some Services We Offer 

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IOver 60 years of experience goes into our brake services & all Warranties are nationwide! 


Wheel Alignment Starting at $59.99


 Air Conditioner Recharge Complete $99.00

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Flat tire repair $15.99 most tires

   ***Note, some tires cannot be repaired due to being outside the allowable safe area. { sidewall or shoulder area of tire are  a big no, no } And if a tire has been run flat it shreds the sidewall and the inner tire liner making the tire unsafe.

   We will find the leak, remove the tire from the wheel, do an inside tire repair that patches and seals the inside and plugs the hole, remount and confirm tire balance, reinstall and torque the wheel to manufacturers specifications. Re-set tire pressure and tpms sensor as needed.


Veicle Diagnostics , Repair, Reprograming


     Tire sales Most Brands


         Oil Changes starting at $29.99

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Tire Rotate & Balance starting at $39.99

tpms sensor.jpg

4 Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement           $279.99 Many Vehicles


 Are you tired of looking at me yet? 

We can make it go away for good !!! That is, until you actually HAVE a  tire that has low air pressure .

Tire pressure sensors have a good purpose, to warn of a low tire, but a lifespan of usually 5-7 years and then the batteries get weak and the sensor fails. We can replace and re-program new sensors for your vehicle in about an hour. Four new sensors installed would cost around $279.99 for many vehicles. Can be replaced individually. Call for a quote for your vehicle. 

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